Friday, February 27, 2009

Insert Shameless Plug #2: Friend ME on Facebook!

No, no, no... friend ME on Facebook.

(This is Kate)

The entire PFI team is on Facebook. In addition to having our friends, family members, clients and colleagues "fan" the PFI Business Page, we're asking them to "friend" our staff members too!

Be sure to check us out on the web.

Don't worry, we won't bite!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friend Liz on Facebook!

Friend me! I'm determined to be the most "popular" planner at the office! *insert maniacal laughter here*

can you tell it's punchy time?

The Philadelphia Flower Show

It must be spring! The Philadelphia Flower Show is coming to the PA Convention Center this weekend; Sunday, March 1- Sunday, March 8, 2009. Get some inspiration for your home and garden because this year's theme is "Bella Italia". We have gleaned some great ideas for our award winning signature environments when we have attended so go and be amazed. Benefits the PA Horticultural Society.

It must be Spring! The Philadelphia Flower Show starts this coming weekend Sunday March 1- through Sunday March 8. It is a great place to get inspiration for your own home garden. We have found lots of ideas that translate to our award-winning signature environments. This year's theme is "Bella Italia" and it benefits the PA Horticultural Society. The show takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center- go and be amazed.

Soggy Pizza?

Heat up leftover pizza in a nonstick skillet on top of the stove, set heat to med-low and heat till warm. This keeps the crust crispy.
No soggy micro pizza; it really works!

A Great Article on Twitter for Meeting and Event Planners!

Check out this great article I found about Twitter for Meeting and Event Planners! It's really informative for those of just that are just starting out!

Twitter for Meeting Planners: How to Make It Work for You

Definitely worth reading!
~ Liz

PFI Phrase of the Week...

"Let her eat beef!"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wine & Cheese, Please

Welcome DuPont Hospitality Group!

Please enjoy our lovely wine and cheese display while you tour PFI Headquarters.

Walking on broken glass...

Use a wet cotton ball or Q-tip to pick up the small shards of glass you can't see easily.


How funny that our terminator guy, who NEVER has said ONE word, is having a serious converstaion about bugs with us! ha ha ha ewww.

Bulgaria Feta

Will someone please buy this for Kate?!

Laugh-Out-Loud Bumper Sticker


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Getting ready to have some people over to the warehouse tomorrow ... Pics to follow tomorrow! You're waiting with baited breath ... I know. :)

Foggy Windshields?

Hate foggy windshields? Buy a chalkboard eraser and keep it in the glove box of your car.
When the windows fog, rub with the clean eraser! Works better than a cloth!

DuPont Hospitality Group

PFI is preparing to host the DuPont Hospitality Group tomorrow afternoon. We'll take this time to tour our office and warehouse space, introduce our team members to one another, and enjoy a beautiful spread of wine and cheese pairings.

Did somebody say Bulgarian Feta?!?!?!?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Reducing Static Cling

Pin a small safety pin to the seam of your slip and you will not have a clingy skirt or dress. Same thing works with slacks that cling when wearing panty hose. Place pin in seam of slacks and ... ta da! ... static is gone.

Trio of Glass Pedestals Domes just proposed as a centerpiece--we'd like to place individual live florals in each!

Alternatively, we thought desserts placed in each would be a very tempting centerpiece!

What do you think?

Kristina and I are perusing all of the PFI photos... what to post, what to post?!?!?!?

Facebook, Blogs & Tweets... oh my!

PFI is taking a working lunch together to learn the "ins and outs" of managing our Facebook, Blog and Twitter accounts!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


We did, last night!  Kate, I know you will be jealous.  In Brooklyn and went to this amazing cheese store yesterday; bought some of that truffle cheese you stalk!  And a blue that was crazy good along with homemade mozzarella AND a triple cream brie.  Then we added a dijon to die for and a fig jam that we just wanted to drink it was so good.  Added some red wines - yes, plural - and freshly made baguette.  Life is good!

Signing off from Brooklyn, Cher

Friday, February 20, 2009

And there's more positive news

Meetings and events are responsible for 15 percent of all travel spending and generate more than one million jobs and nearly $40 billion in tax revenue.
So as Kate says: "keep meeting!"

It's 4:30pm on Friday... Liz and I are PUNCHY!!!

PFI the Experience Design Professionals for Meetings & Events

As read in this year’s EventView 2008: North America report reflects the
macroeconomic trends making headlines in the North American market.
Experience marketing is taking hold as an advanced discipline within event marketing. And if marketers get additional budget to put toward marketing, they are putting those resources toward event marketing rather than print advertising. 54% of respondents say they will transition from event marketing to experience marketing in the next 12 months.

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We'd love to know your thoughts, comments, suggestions, overwhelming praise, and general love for all that is Planning Factory International!

We kid, we kid.

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PFI Phrase of the Week...

"Is it ME???"

Let's Talk About Cheese, Baby...

So... in piggy-backing off of Lindsay's Top 5 Favorite Things... I've decided to share with you all, my Top 5 Favorite Cheeses:

1. Bulgarian Feta
2. Black Truffle Cheese
3. Brie
4. Aged Parmesan
5. Extra Sharp (white) Cheddar


It's All In A Name. . .

Your name means WHAT??  TOP THIS:   Mine is supposed to mean "Men with grogg!"

Top Kissing Mistakes

Pay attention guys, if you got it wrong on Valentine's Day make up for it this weekend! (From one of those on-line dating services):

A Sloppy Kiss is a Bad Kiss
If you don’t know if you are a sloppy kisser, it’s easy to find out. Does your girlfriend discreetly wipe off her face after a kiss? Does kissing feel more like a washing machine than a passionate embrace?

You Suffocate the Other Person
Kissing your partner should leave them weak in the knees not unconscious. If you go in for too deep of a kiss and your noses block each other, there is a good chance you could be suffocating your partner.

The Staring Complaint
Although some people prefer to keep their eyes open during a kiss, until you know what your partner prefers or is comfortable with, keep your eyes closed and enjoy the moment. .
Timing is Everything
Although it can be romantic to spontaneously lean in for a kiss over dinner, be sure your date hasn’t just taken a bite of food or drink or is in mid-conversation.
The Location of the Kiss is Wrong
Generally, if it’s a first kiss opt for puckering up when the two of you are alone. This will cease some of the first-kiss-nerves. Later, you can see if your date is ready for a public display of affection.
The Kiss is too Small or too Big
A deep and passionate kiss is great but not if your date isn’t ready for it. If it’s a first kiss, lean in gently and test the waters. Once you’ve gotten to know the person and their style of kissing you’ll feel confident for something more.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Carbotti's new book

Our good friends, the Carbotti boys, of Perfect Surroundings have a new book...

Click to check it out--it's great!

Crazy Last Names

It's a running joke at PFI that you have to have a crazy last name in order to work here!

Mastromatteo, Przelomski, Van Graafeiland... seriously!

Anyways, a supplier I'm working with just sent me an email saying that his sales team has a bet running about my last name. They want to know if it's Dutch.

Well, yes, it is.

And... one of his Dutch counterparts (who speaks the language fluently) wrote back to tell me my last name actually means:

"from a dig island"


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lindsay's Top 5 Favorite things ever...

1. Champagne
2. White Truffles
3. Boating, specifically yachting
4. Men who wear loafers with no socks
5. Fireworks--really just the finale

1. Lobster Ravioli
2. Dresses on the beach
3. Gin
4. Italy
5. Partying for a living

so, its more than 5--but you get the point!

Kate's New Favorite Website

ok ... maybe it isn't Kate's favorite website yet ... but I'm sure it will be soon ... :)
~ Liz

Ever find yourself desperately looking for a clean toilet in the city? and find the closest, cleanest toilets in your area. You can add and review toilets, get some cool deals in your area and challenge your knowledge of toilet trivia. Or just vote in the MizPee Flush of the Year contest.

Yes ... all of you traveling meeting and event planners that can never find a clean potty when you need one in a strange city ... HELP IS HERE! :)

More Helpful Hints and this one could save a life

I saw a news segment this morning about a home fire that was caused by a clothes dryer so this hint is timely- please check yours out! Here's the story:

The heating unit went out on my dryer! The gentleman that fixes things around the house for us told us that he wanted to show us something and he went over to the dryer and pulled out the lint filter. It was clean. (I always clean the lint from the filter after every load of clothes.) He told us that he wanted to show us something; he took the filter over to the sink and ran hot water over it. The lint filter is made of a mesh material ... I'm sure you know what your dryer's lint filter looks like. Well ... the hot water just sat on top of the mesh! It didn't go through it at all! He told us that dryer sheets cause a film over that mesh that's what burns out the heating unit. You can't SEE the film, but it's there. It's what is in the dryer sheets to make your clothes soft and static free ... that nice fragrance too. You know how they can feel waxy when you take them out of the box ... well this stuff builds up on your clothes and on your lint screen. This is also what causes dryer units to potentially burn your house down with it! He said the best way to keep your dryer working for a very long time (and to keep your electric bill lower) is to take that filter out and wash it with hot soapy water and an old toothbrush (or other brush) at least every six months. He said that makes the life of the dryer at least twice as long! How about that!?! Learn something new everyday! I certainly didn't know dryer sheets would do that. So, I thought I'd share! Note: I went to my dryer and tested my screen by running water on it. The water ran through a little bit but mostly collected all the water in the mesh screen. I washed it with warm soapy water and a nylon brush and I had it done in 30 seconds. Then when I rinsed it .... the water ran right thru the screen! There wasn't any puddling at all! That repairman knew what he was talking about!

Lesson of the Day

When to use THEN vs. THAN

When talking in sequence or if there is an order - use THEN!

If it is an either/or situation, comparison or an option - use THAN!

What can I say... we learn new tricks every day! (Thanks Liz!)

Just keep meeting, just keep meeting...

As a play on the words of Dori, the notable Finding Nemo cartoon character...

Just keep meeting, Just keep meeting, Just keep meeting...

Liz's Favorite Article of the Week:

MILAN (Reuters) – The Alba white truffle association is on the warpath to defend the image of the rare fungus as a dispute over dinner heads for the Italian courts.

The Italian media has been abuzz with news about an unnamed top executive who refused to pay a 4,000 euro ($5,058) bill after dining on truffles with five guests at Milan's two Michelin-starred Cracco restaurant.

Chef Carlo Cracco -- author of the "White Truffle Utopia" -- told Reuters that his restaurant refused to accept the anonymous businessman's offer to foot half the bill or that there was any confusion over the weight or price of the truffles before the diners commenced eating.

Cracco said the party of six consumed about 300 grams of truffle, which cost 10.90 euros per gram.

"They did not want to see the menus. They just said: 'We want the truffles'," he said, adding that they picked two large ones and were duly informed of the weight.

The diner said the truffle had not been weighed, newspapers reported, without giving details on his identity.

The media attention comes at a time when an economic crisis threatens luxury spending and the purveyors of expensive goods such as the truffle are keen to hang on to their markets.

The Alba white truffle association is considering its own legal steps and plans to advocate for a code of conduct for restaurants with truffle dishes on their menus.

"All the media hype about this dinner is damaging for the truffle," said Roberto Ponzio, a lawyer hired by the Alba white truffle association. "It has created a link in people's minds between truffles and nasty surprises at the end of a dinner."

Located in the heart of the Langhe -- the hilly southern area of Italy's north-western Piedmont region -- Alba is the country's capital of white truffles, a variety of the prized fungus which grows underground.

The town has held an annual truffle fair in the autumn for nearly 80 years.

Truffles can vary in size from a tiny pebble to a tennis ball. The larger the truffle the higher the price. "We are comfortable with the price the restaurant charged," said Alberto Cirio, head of the Association for the International Fair of the Alba White Truffle, which organizes the annual event. "But we want to make sure we avoid misunderstandings of the sort in the future."

At the time of the dinner the truffle price in Alba was about 4 euros per gram, Cirio said, adding that a 20 percent value-added tax is often charged twice as the "white gold" changes hands from the hunters to restaurants.

Cirio said the association would encourage restaurants to agree on a set of rules to make sure truffles are weighed and grated on the dishes in front of the clients, with a clear indication of the price on display.

(Reporting by Valentina Za, editing by Paul Casciato)

Don't worry truffles. I'll always love you and never be surprised at how little I can afford you. :)
~ Liz

Social Networking at its finest...

Note: Cartoon pulled from today's Delaware News Journal.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It is 8 p.m. Bermuda time and we are now doing Karaoke with a new client! "We are FAMILY" to be exact. . . who wants my life?

Not every hint will be about food but...
HINT!: Store your opened chunks of cheese in aluminum foil. It will stay fresh much longer and not mold!

Additional Suggestions...

How about...

  • The Eventmobile
  • The Meetingmobile
  • The "ROI" Rocket (Runs on Ideas!)
  • The Danala

Kate is Tyler Durden

I think that Kate might be my own personal Tyler Durden.

People call me in response to emails that Kate has sent them. Attendees email Kate when I'm listed as the contact person on the registration site. Some people even tell Kate something and then are puzzled when I do not know that same information. Is Kate actually Tyler Durden and I am Edward Norton? Or am I Tyler Durden?

The only problem with this theory is that neither of us are a neo-Luddite, a nihilist or even anarcho-primitivist. And we don't usually have a hatred for consumer culture. I get really irked with excessive amounts of packaging that are just going to sit in a landfill, but I'm pretty sure that's not the same thing. And really, we're both big fans of technology ... so we can't be neo-Luddites. So maybe neither one of us are Tyler Durden.

But that doesn't mean that she's not imaginary and that we're not the same person. She IS good at everything that I'm not good at. And she IS tall (something I always wanted to be). So ... maybe she IS imaginary ... I mean ... I don't know anything that Kate knows but everyone seems to think that I should ... if that makes any sense at all ... or maybe I'm just punchy. It is 4 o'clock ...
~ Liz
Congratulations Dana!
Here are some names- many of them are alcoholic in nature- does not reflect on you or me! Just the white color thing and I thought she is probably a girl so here goes:
Coconut, Vodka (Stoli, Absolut) Sambuca, Bacardi (white rum), Bella, Sparkle, Vanilla, Snowflake, Sprite, Fresca, Sprite, Chablis, Spritzer, Sparkle, Latte


So, I had nothing else to do late last night after leaving work..... SO I BOUGHT A NEW CAR! YAY! Sooo exciting! I have been without a car for almost a year now. I LOVE IT!

Now PFI won't always have to squeeze into these tiny two seater cars or the SMART Car. My Elantra has seating capacity for 5, a decent amount of trunk space, & is good on gas! I'm always game to help out the team & of course the economy!
Still trying to come up with a fabulous name for my 2008 White Hyundai Elantra - any suggestions?

Isn't she cute?!

A Bigger Mystery than the Bermuda Triangle

Why, when you ask for "cream" or "1/2 & 1/2" in Bermuda you either get:

A. EVAPORTATED MILK (still can't figure that out) --or--
B. Heavy whipping cream


I'm blogging, I'm blogging. . .

Weather in Bermuda not much better than yesterday; at Elbow Beach hotel blogging. All appointments going well! But I can tell you this much: rain and wind is rain and wind anywhere! Didn't bring the best clothing. . . bet it's sunshine by the time we leave tomorrow.

Helpful hints

I have recently come upon some very useful hints for around the house. I know that in our industry we often don't get much time "around the house" but when you do these hints may help. I will offer one per day on an ongoing basis as long as they last.

HINT!: Peel a banana from the bottom and you won't have to pick the little "stringy things" off of it. That's how the primates do it. Take your bananas apart when you get home from the store. If you leave them connected at the stem, they ripen faster.


Banquet Event Order (or the BEO)

According to the Convention Industry Council's APEX Industry Glossary, a Banquet Event Order (commonly referred to as a BEO) is a form most often used by hotels to provide details to personnel concerned with a specific food and beverage function or room set-up.

According to PFI, a Banquet Event Order is our event/meeting bible!

I'm currently working on my BEOs for an upcoming event in New York City and I'm reviewing the BEOs with a fine tooth comb! I personally feel that anything NOT included on the BEO is not going to happen onsite. You need to make sure that every last detail is defined for all parties involved.

Important elements to include on all BEOs:
  • Timing. Be specific. When do you gain access to a room? When does the meeting/workshop actually occur in the room? How long do you have the room to breakdown after the meeting.
  • Signage. What do you want the Reader Boards to display? What should the signage outside each meeting room read? Get it down in writing (ha ha)
  • Dietary Needs. Get down and dirty with your BEOs. Qualify each attendee who has a special dietary requirement and get their name and specific requirement included on the BEO for any/all meal functions.
  • Dates. You may think this is a silly, but double check the dates outlined at the top of your BEOs. I can't tell you how many times my BEOs have been almost perfect in Content, but have had the dates wrong. It won't matter if everything is outlined well for your meeting; if the correct dates aren't specified at the top of the BEO - you're screwed!
  • Review. Review. Review. I always have at least one of my coworkers review my BEOs, regardless of their involvement with my program. A fresh set of eyes on any program can help catch those minute details that I may have otherwise missed.
Back to my BEOs!

Monday, February 16, 2009

define "punchy"

punch⋅y [puhn-chee]

- adjective, punchier, punchiest. informal
1. punch-drunk
2. being or appearing vigorously effective; forceful
3. descriptive of PFI staff at 4pm almost any day. bouncy balls and chocolate may become involved.

Weather in Bermuda is Lousy!

So to all those who think we come here to lay around a beach and drink all day in the sunshine, THINK AGAIN!! It's miserable (I know you're happy now!) but that isn't holding us down, baby!

We are doing appointments and socializing. . . I never said we weren't drinking! Part of the the job. . .

And away we go!


PFI says hi from PFB!

Landed safely, then had lunch at Tucker's Point Golf Club (our first appointment). LOVE SERGE! Checked out potential Open House site for PFB's introduction--location still secret! Weather rainy & windy--2nd appointment cancelled, headed off to 3rd appointment for the day...

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th to wasting time here!

We ARE truly "on the move"!

-Cher & Linds

ISES Northeast REC 2009

Are you headed to the ISES Northeast Rec 2009 in New York City? PFI is!

The ISES REC is a fabulous gathering of Special Events professionals from throughout the Northeast. The educational classes are fantastic, the networking opportunities are endless and the evening events are phenomenal.

We attended last year's REC in Providence, Rhode Island and had a ball.

Hope to see you all in New York City!

PFI is on the move!

PFI is on the move this week...

Cher & Lindsay are off to Bermuda and to the PFB office! They've got appointments lined up from the minute they land until the minute they depart. No doubt they will return with a bevy of new accounts!

Safe travels to you both and say "hi" to Kathryn for us!

The rest of PFI is in the U.S. office, holding down the fort. Perhaps will video-blog sometime this week.

Eventfully yours...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Have a LOVELY weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

PFI Phrase of the Week...

"Color me surprised!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is the main method of communication in our office. We all Skype each other constantly! It is a great tool to communicate, while not disturbing others. With all of the Skype icons, you can laugh, cry, roll on the floor with laughter or dance, as a 70's star. If the converstaion call for it, you can even puke (!)...

Besides the fun of it all, it is a wonderful way to send a file or picture instantly. Check it out! And, if you begin to use it Skype us at PFI!

As an Industry, we need to fight back!

As I sit at the airport ready to leave Atlanta after a great week at the MPI Meet Different Conference, I'm pumped. What a great week with industry colleagues from around the world, all gathering together to say... yes we can... we must!

The hospitality industry is a powerful force that must stay strong during these trying economic times. If we live in fear, allowing it to operate the decisions we make, we're simply adding to the problem, NOT attempting to fix it!

The Opening General Session on Sunday, February 8, 2009, was for me, the best part of Meet Different. The keynote speakers addressed the issues at large, primarily the cancellation of thousands of meetings and events that planners around the world are experiencing due to clients operating out of fear, and told us that we can work together to correct them.

A few suggestions I took away from this week:
  • Cancellations. Work with clients to inform them of the effects the cancellation of their events/meetings has on the economy. Hotels lose money, have to cut staff, unemployment rates increase due to loss of jobs.
  • Perception. Didn't your parents teach you not to let other people influence the decisions you make? Why are Fortune 500 companies allowing public opinion to determine whether or not they're going to hold meetings? Call me crazy, but with the current state of our economy, one would think that executives at companies around the world need to meet to determine their course of action to stay afloat. Work with your clients to find a happy-medium.
  • Fear. Don't let fear rule the decisions you make... and don't let fear rule the decisions your clients make. Listen to your clients concerns, but be creative and show them solutions and ways in which they can accomplish their goals and objectives through strategic meetings and events.
We need to work together as an industry to be successful. Let's get out there and make it happen!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back to School...

"Back to school, back to school, to prove to my teachers that I'm not a fool"

A quote from one of the greatest movies of the 90s - Billy Madison.

Off to my last day of classes at the Meet Different Conference!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meet Different

I'm off to the MPI "Meet Different" Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This is the first time I've attended an international MPI conference and I'm really excited. The workshops sound amazing and the networking opportunities endless.

Stay tuned for updates throughout the conference!

Friday, February 6, 2009

One day ... we heard ... a noise. We called the Chooch-adile Hunter to investigate ...



Smarty pants!

Our smartest marketing tool yet...
This is Cher's main method of transportation, which is great because EVERYONE takes pictures and stops her to comment. Her top five most asked questions:
1. How many miles to the gallon: 48
2. How much did it cost? 2 years ago, $26K.
3. Is there any space in there? Yes! I can fit 10 bags of groceries and a husband who is 6'2", 250#.
4. Can you go on I-95? Yes--ITS A CAR!!!!
5. Where can I get one? Go on the internet like I did; they are in this country and they are available.
A funny quote:
"the other day a truck driver stopped me consistently at three lights, one after the other; I finally said, "We have to stop meeting this way!"-Cher
Next on her list is the convertible Smart car....look out!

PFI Phrase of the Week...

"Let it be trash!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

THE SPECIAL EVENT! Another great year of educational classes, design concepts and entertainment ideas (see on below from Michael Cerbelli's famous class)!

While I enjoy spending time in the clouds, soon enough I will be able to literally sleep in the sky....the new floating hotel...

The 40 guest hotel will float at an altitude of 18,000 feet and will have a restaurant, gym, lounge and library. It is also rumored to have an outdoor sundeck! WOW!

More incredible things to come....

Design Trends from The Special Event 2009

As an Experience Designer for PFI, while at this year's Special Event in San Diego I was naturally attracted to classes that were developed around Design and the Trends that will be seen for 2009 and beyond. Here is a little snapshot of what I saw and learned:
Trend One: Going Green
While this is nothing new and many of us have been saying "been there, heard about it" there is an even more important emphasis on the subject now. CO2 control, reducing the carbon footprint and compensating for what is produced must be stressed at every event in any way possible.
Trend Two: Internal Communication Events
We will see more and more events centered around Information and how to get it to the end-user (customer). Events will be focused on getting closer to the target groups through Training and Communication and Sales-driven events.
Trend Three: The Fit between Surroundings and the Message
There always needs to be a reason for the event and the reason will make no sense if it doesn't fit the venue in which it is held. To take this to the basics, if the main point of the meeting is centered around a serious message like cutting back on plant production and how it will effect employment then don't hold it at a theme park.
Trend Four: Partnering
When holding an event try to bring in two (or three) companies who's target group is similar in order to divide the available budget between the companies. In order to do this make sure that the companies are:
1)not in competition
2) match the target group in demographics (age, gender, locale)
3) fit in quality perception
Trend Five: SHOUT!
Let your marketing message stand out. Don't dilute your message with other audience attention-getters.
Trend Six: Neuromarketing
Used by advertisers for a while, neuromarketing has been very successful: see a bottle of Coke and you can already taste it and get satisfaction from the experience. In other words, our brains confirm that the brand with the more effective marketing wins and can even fake out our taste buds. The field of neuromarketing--the practice of using brain-wave product feedback to target goods and services to our subconscious appetites--is growing. A broader definition of neuromarketing--going behind traditional marketing approaches to understand what's going on in people's brains, to see how they're hardwired.
Trend Seven: Time-ism
Time is the most expensive currency of the client. Event time is in competition with life-style time-- keep the time commitment as minimal as possible.

We found these Trends intriguing and each will take it's place in our Strategic Designs for a great PFI Experience and Signature Environment.

The Special Event 2009

We're back from an amazing week at the Special Event Show 2009 (TSE) in San Diego, California. We had such a great time! From the educational workshops to the evening events, we did it all!

Although we didn't take home the Gala Award in our category, it was an honor to be nominated and we can't wait to submit for the 2010 Gala Awards!

Enough talking from me... why don't you check out some photos of the team having a ball in San Diego:

Here's Liz & Dana on the first day of the TSE. They're standing beneath the TSE signage at the San Diego Convention Center. Get excited!

The team decided to meet for cocktails after our first day of classes. Here's Kate, Liz and Dana sitting in the Lobby bar.

The Opening General Session is always great; Dana, Liz & Susan are getting into the spirit!

Ali & Cher are getting into the Opening General Session too!

You can't go wrong with lighted wands! Here are Lindsay & Kate at the Opening General Session!

Although this picture is a little dark, we had to post it. Here's Dana & Liz in the ladies restroom at one of the off-site events. Yes, that's them standing with champagne in-hand in front of a fabulous ice sculpture with loads of chocolate covered strawberries. Brilliant!

Here we are at the NACE Welcome Event at the nightclub, On Broadway. Liz, Dana, Lindsay & Kate had a ball exploring the venue, trying the fabulous food, and dancing the night away!

Here's Ed, PFI's Art Director, with a few of "his girls' at the NACE Welcome Event. Take a look at his buttons!

As you know, PFI was nominated for a Gala Award at the 2009 TSE. Here's a look at our nomination write-up on the Gala Boards on the Tradeshow Floor.

Here we are enjoying dinner at Jimmy Loves in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. What a cool area. We loved San Diego so much, we're pushing to open a west coast branch!

Here's Lindsay, Susan at Cher at the Gala Awards Ceremony last Friday night. The band, NRG, is performing on stage right behind them; they were really great!

Here we are at the Gala Awards Ceremony - Kate, Lindsay, Dana & Liz. Yes, we all got the black memo!

We had a great time at this year's TSE and can't wait for next year's conference in New Orleans!

Eventfully yours...