Friday, February 20, 2009

Let us know if you're following the PFI Blog

Are you stalking our blog and too afraid to tell us?

Don't be!

We'd love to know your thoughts, comments, suggestions, overwhelming praise, and general love for all that is Planning Factory International!

We kid, we kid.

Here are a few ways in which you can show PFI your love...

1. Follow our Blog. I don't mean just read it daily. Rather, click on the link under "follow this blog" on the rightside of the page and become a "follower".

2. Comment on our crazy posts. Find our posts absolutely hysterical? Extremely poignant? Or maybe a little of both? Comment on specific posts and we'll be sure to write back!

3. Share our Blog with your friends, family and colleagues. We want to experience the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Feel free to tell your friends, family and associates to check out our blog. It's bound to entertain. I know we crack each other up, daily!

Talk to you on the web!

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