Friday, February 6, 2009

Smarty pants!

Our smartest marketing tool yet...
This is Cher's main method of transportation, which is great because EVERYONE takes pictures and stops her to comment. Her top five most asked questions:
1. How many miles to the gallon: 48
2. How much did it cost? 2 years ago, $26K.
3. Is there any space in there? Yes! I can fit 10 bags of groceries and a husband who is 6'2", 250#.
4. Can you go on I-95? Yes--ITS A CAR!!!!
5. Where can I get one? Go on the internet like I did; they are in this country and they are available.
A funny quote:
"the other day a truck driver stopped me consistently at three lights, one after the other; I finally said, "We have to stop meeting this way!"-Cher
Next on her list is the convertible Smart car....look out!

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