Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Candy Named for Real People?

As a chocoholic, I was always a little curious about how what I was eating got its name:

"Baby Ruth

Likewise, there are a couple of different tales as to where the Baby Ruth name came from. As you've probably noticed, it sounds suspiciously like the name of a certain famous baseball player.

But the Curtiss Candy Company claims they never intended it that way, that the bar was named for Ruth Cleveland. Ruth was born between her dad's two terms as president and the nation was indeed crazy for her. But the Baby Ruth bar came out in 1921, and Ruth Cleveland died in 1904 at the age of 12. Ruth-mania had definitely subsided by the time the Baby Ruth bar came out.

Snopes says that the rumor that the bar was named for a baby is bunk. It seems more likely that the company was capitalizing on Ruth's name without having to pay him for the honor. They say that Ruth wasn't even well-known in 1921 and it would have been silly to name a candy bar after an obscure slugger, but Ruth had been playing the major and minor leagues since 1914 and by 1921, he had already thrown a shutout in a World Series game, established himself as a power hitter, been involved in a highly-publicized salary feud, recorded a batting average that wouldn't be broken until 2001, and had been traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees.

But I'll let you decide - was the Baby Ruth named for Ruth Cleveland or George Herman "Babe" Ruth?"

Go here for the rest of the article with more weird stories about what candies are really named after!

Yum ... I'm hungry!

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