Tuesday, March 3, 2009

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Check out this article/post on today's USA Today Blog:


Letfeat03 Some meetings are vital to doing business

Eileen McDargh - Dana Point, Calif.

Cancelling expensive trips to exotic locations as a reward for work well-done is one thing. Cancelling meetings that bring people together for training, sharing of best practices, networking and meeting in person is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater ("Posh trips for jobs well-done are fading away," Cover story, Money, Friday).

(Souvenir: Insurance agency owner Bob McAfee and his wife, Barbara, kept this weather vane from one of his incentive trips, which have declined./ David Ahntholz for USA TODAY)

Organizations cannot afford to allow employees to huddle in tiny corners, receive no stimulation and talk only via an online social network.

Because some meetings have been labeled "boondoggles" in news reports, companies are canceling important gatherings. Ramifications are huge for the hospitality, airline and conference industries.

The leaders of associations and companies will have to find a way for people to gather, and bring in pertinent resources and activities, so employees can feel more committed and positive about the future.

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