Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Excellent Note from the CEO of the Krissam Group ... I Second It!

Speak up and out for our industry

Our colleagues in the industry, led by the U.S. Travel Association, have done a fabulous job of quickly spreading the word, backed by solid facts, that meetings are vital to the overall success of the economy. This grassroots campaign is designed to educate the public and most importantly, our Government officials.
These industry efforts are helping to counter the dangerous political rhetoric and media attention that is attempting to scare corporate America away from travel – at the expense of working Americans. One in eight Americans is employed by the travel industry and they are the ones most hurt as events across the country are cancelled.
We must all use our voices to stand strong for the meetings industry.

First, turn to the new official website of this campaign at This all-encompassing site is an excellent resource for campaign updates, press releases, key data on travel industry statistics, the Value of Meetings data and the Industry Guidelines for Meetings & Events.

Take immediate action by going to where you can:

1. Send a letter to your members of Congress. It is easy to do. You’ll find a draft of an e-mail letter you can use or edit as you see fit. The website will send your letter directly to your Representative and Senators. In a matter of minutes, your voice will be heard!

2. Sign the Petition to Keep America Meeting

3. Follow one of the other suggestions on how to spread the word!

Please do not delay in signing the petition and contacting your legislators and please help our industry to get the word out by passing this message on to your family members, colleagues or friends. Every day we don’t do something costs all of us.
Thank you in advance for your support on this important matter. The more we join together, the louder and more effective our voice will be.
Chris White, Chairman & CEO of Krisam Group & Global Events Partners
Jim Schultenover, President of Krisam Group

I totally agree with this email that was sent out. I couldn't have put it better myself!
~ Liz

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