Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Night at Vita Nova...

Last week several PFI team members gathered at the University of Delaware's fine dining establishment - Vita Nova. We ventured down to Newark to enjoy a lovely dinner prepared by the students of the HRIM program - specifically our fantastic intern, Kristina!

We had a wonderful time and a delicious meal prepared entirely by the HRIM students. Although I was taking photos like an obnoxious tourist, probably driving Kristina nuts, I really got some great shots. Check them out!

Two of us were late to dinner - sorry! - and Kristina didn't let it phase her. Here are two shots of her waiting for us at the front door - towel over arm, no doubt!

Susan & Cher enjoying a little wine that the evening's Sommelier brought over.

Ed & Dana enjoying the evening.

Danala, Katala & Lizskee posing for a photo before our appetizers arrive.

I meant to take photos of each course, but the food was so good, I got distracted! Here's the one shot I got of a vichyssoise appetizer. Delish!

Here's Kristina serving our main entrees. Look how professional she is!

Here's Dana, a former HRIM student, showing the table how to test the temperature of your meat without touching it or using a meat thermometer. You simply put various finger combinations together and touch that fatty part of your thumb/palm.

For more details, please contact Dana directly - I'm not doing her meat lesson justice!

We decided to take one last shot before heading home. Thanks to Kristina & the HRIM team for a wonderful evening!

For more information on Vita Nova, check out their website.

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