Sunday, March 1, 2009

PFI visits Vita Nova!!!

Reservations have been made...and it is official! PFI will be taking a field trip to enjoy a fun-filled evening of laughing out loud at Kristina. Their delicious four course meal will take place at the the University of Delaware's five-star, student run restaurant, Vita Nova! Currently, I am PFI's intern (Love it!) and a student in the Hospitality Program at UD. Vita Nova is a large part of our program and I am very excited to show PFI just a little part of what I do outside of the office with them. It's not all fun though...I am actually anticipating this night! Even though I shouldn't be nervous because they are all such wonderful people, I am anticipating my professor hulk-eyeing me as I wait on them to make sure my every move is up to his five-star standards (so no making me laugh Kate!! j/k)...Nonetheless, it will be a fun night to share with them and I hope PFI enjoys the Vita Nova experience!

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  1. The entire PFI team can't WAIT to come and enjoy a delicious meal at Vita Nova. We know it's going to be fabulous!!!