Monday, March 30, 2009

Tibet is Reopening ... but what does that mean?

According to the AP, China is allowing Tibet to reopen for tourism next week.

But what does that really mean? I'm not really one to point out how bad things are (I'm a glass half full girl), but in this global economic climate, does reopening Tibet really mean anything? Will people go just because it's been closed for the past year, in a case of wanting what they couldn't have? Or, will people stay the course on their "stay-cation" fad, and Tibet's reopening will fall by the wayside as something that should probably have been important, but because of the times, became irrelevant? And... is that what China is hoping for? Are they hoping that they'll get the good PR boost from reopening Tibet, but that no one will go because everyone's so frightened by the economy?

Does anyone even care?

~ L

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