Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We'll aways have Paris (Texas)

Can't get away to "the Continent" for vacation this year? Concerned about the hassles of international travel — limited seat availability, long lines at security, baggage fees, and passport and visa worries? The glamour can dull rather fast. Time to get patriotic and stick closer to home. Travel to all the cities of your dreams right here in the Good Ol' USA:

As a matter of fact you can stay in Ohio and still visit many cities with European names:

Dublin, Versailles, Russia, Athens, Manchester, Lisbon, Toledo, Milan, Seville, and Amsterdam to name a few.

Then there's Moscow, Idaho;  Old Town Florence, Ore. ; Rome, Ga. ; Vienna, Va. ; York, Maine or York, PA ; St. Petersburg, FL; Venice CA.; Athens, GA.; Syracuse, NY; Dover, DE. and of course we'll always have Paris, TX.

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