Monday, May 18, 2009


The only thing more charming than the Tom Moore's Tavern established 1632 and still going strong today, is the owner, Bruno. What a total delight! Helpful, caring, eager to try new ways to do an event, open to new ideas, willing to try, TOTALLY accommodating--and can I tell you about the food? THE BEST.

And Chef Tom is truly amazing. We wanted to serve Brazilian Cheese Bread as a compliment to our Brazilian food offerings, something they had not baked before-- even though they bake their own bread and rolls there daily! Can you believe they refined the process SIX TIMES in order to get the recipe and presentation correct? WHO DOES THAT TODAY? Especially without any complaints?

Our hats are off to The Team at Tom Moore's - and if you are visiting the island, please make it a stop for dinner; tell them THE PLANNING FACTORY STAFF SENT YOU!!!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a great event!!!!!!

We just returned from attending the Launch of Planning Factory Bermuda held at the historic Tom Moore's Tavern where the PFB designers and producers of the event showed off their amazing talents with a superb event!

Bermudian staff were present as Sign Spinners as well as Dancers dressed entirely in black with "bug" goggles waving long wands topped with large butterflies at the entrance.

A Zen Lounge featured an Origami Master backed by black and white Meridian furniture and a Kimono flanked by a curtain of live orchids and a lighted bar serving hand-made sushi, all under a ceiling adorned with colorful Asian umbrellas. Authentic Geishas entertained guests through their traditional performing arts.
A custom-created tabletop covered the Tavern's stone balustrade to form a 32' bar where guests could sit on acrylic bar stools with white leather seats all overlooking the exquisite Bermudian waters where a Mermaid reclined on the dock. Chefs, standing behind the bar, served guests Churrasco-style carved meat in an interactive dining experience.

Don't blame it on the Bossa Nova, point the finger at a clear tent-covered patio under which a round bar offered Caipirinas in this Brazilian signature environment complete with a characteristic 'Latin' clave rhythm band.

With the addition of a cigar roller rolling hand-made cigars, a Gosling's Rum bar, Mirror Man, and the newest technology called "Respondr"- a revolutionary interactive video system that creates high-impact branding and immersive multimedia experiences through audience participation- and lots more, the evening flew by and what an unbelievable time we all had!!!! Congratulations Planning Factory Bermuda.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

PFI Phrase of the Week

"I Don't Sling Puddles!"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dance Bird Dance

I just read about a phenomenon that states: Certain animals can "dance" to a musical beat, scientists said after studying a bird that breaks it down to theBackstreet Boys in more than 1,000 YouTube videos.
After studying Snowball, the YouTube cockatoo, as well as other animals who shake their tail feather on the site, scientists found that many of the species felt the beat of the music they heard -- and responded to it by simulating a "dance" that looks like human movement. But to my further surprise we are also familiar with the scientist that performed the study- a former Delawarian!
"I was very impressed," said Aniruddh Patel of The Neurosciences Institute in San Diego, who led the study. Patel and his colleagues studied 14 other species of birds and one elephant, all of who were shown "dancing" on YouTube. The study was published Thursday by the journal Current Biology.