Friday, August 14, 2009

Mad Men

I am obsessed with the AMC program "Mad Men" an its interesting characters especially the lead, Don Draper, played by yummy Jon Hamm. Sunday evening I will be glued to the flatscreen for the 3rd season premier. The show is centered around a 1960's Madison Avenue ad agency and its bizarre staff and their equally strange family, friends and clients. The important thing to notice is that the weird and wonderful thing about the show is that the behavior of these characters wasn't out of the ordinary for the times the program is set in. The excesses of smoking, drinking, illicit sex and the degrading attitude towards women in and out of the workplace (and that's just the daily routine in the office) was common place in the '60's before "women's lib" and Dept. of Health warnings. I am old enough to be appalled but not surprised by the first season's anecdote when a child runs in with a dry cleaning bag completely over her head and face and the horrified Mom says: "Young lady I hope that dry cleaning isn't a mess!" All while smoking and sipping a Martini with her pregnant housewife friend.

Check it out and enjoy.

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