Monday, October 12, 2009

I read this today: 5 Industries that are doing work

This time last year, the finance industry crashed big time. Now we're happy to say that the marketplace is making a comeback and events are ramping back up. Look to the big banks as potential customers, with smaller institutions coming into the fold in mid-2010.

The medical industry has been holding strong this year. Associations, bio tech, and pharmaceuticals are big business no matter what the economic climate. Consider these folks as potential clients in the coming months.

Large Charities
Social need is greater than ever and the larger non-profits are ready to make a difference. Expect to see a rise in charitable giving in 2010. Try linking up with the major charities for their benefits and fundraising galas.

Education & Training
Particularly strong this quarter have been training events and seminars. As people gear up for doing business in this new landscape, organizations are hosting more educational events than ever. Also, be on the lookout for an uptick in university events as the new year unfolds.

Take advantage of expanded government programs as they host more events and meetings this year on both a national and state level. And don't forget the steady stream of campaign needs when seeking new business — there's always a new election coming up.

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