Monday, February 22, 2010

Tastings or Test Dinners

Tastings (or Test Dinners) of an original menu selected from (or completely off) the menu of a venue or caterer are an integral part of the event experience. We at Planning Factory feel that your event food and beverage should never be left to a "package plan". Just like our signature environments, what you eat and drink should be unique and custom.
When creating your event we choose from a variety of foods, cuisines, wines, or even specific ingredients to accentuate and underscore the nuances of the experience.

Even service style also comes into play. Will the hors d'oeuvres be passed or stationary? On what kind of plates will the appetizer be placed? Will there be a dual entree or not? Stations or served? Family-style or a three-course "Piazza" service? All these decisions deserve attention; as do all the details of your special evening. We always suggest that you request the opportunity to become familiar with the taste and visuals of the menu before your event date.

Then get ready to enjoy a tasting experience professionally prepared by the chef and expertly guided by your Planning Factory International experience planner.

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