Monday, April 12, 2010

Derby Day Events

The first Saturday in May is perfect for celebrating the Kentucky Derby with your friends and family. Here are some simple ideas to make your event fabulous:

  1. First call Planning Factory International to create your Derby Experience with signature decor and props, food & beverage menus, themed activities and entertainment.

  2. Create a Race Day Program. Use horse racing terms to outline your party details.

  3. Remind your guests to dress the part- Top hats, skimmers and derbys for the men and large garden party hats for the ladies (the bigger the better!).

  4. Encourage good-natured betting without exchanging money. Offer prizes to the winners (like your table centerpieces after the event). Or make it simple and put all the Derby horses' names in a cup, each guest pulls a name until someone pulls the winner- provide a small prize like a chocolate horseshoe or roses.

  5. Complete the party with time-honored Kentucky favorites like barbecue, fried chicken and of course Mint Juleps.

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