Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet the PFI & PFB Team!

As we're on the heels of a holiday weekend, we thought today's post would be a great time to feature photos of the PFI/PFB team members through the last few years. At various client events, networking receptions, etc.


Here's a shot of the PFI team at the Best of Delaware 2009 Event:

Here are Cher and Ed at an event:

Kate, Lindsay, Cher & Susan at an event in the Bermuda:

PFI has a great tradition of holding Thanksgiving Tea at the Hotel DuPont every year - here's a shot of Lindsay and Dana at last year's event:

Here's Kate, Chooch and Liz at High Tea:

Well Bon Jour, creature from New Orleans! Here's Kate with a Mardi Gras Float:

Antonio & Dana are (dancing, miming, people watching?) working onsite:

Susan's keeping the authors safe and fans in order at the Delaware Book Festival:

Ed's always with one of the girls... here's an oldie with Dana celebrating the holidays in Bermuda:

Here's Lindsay checking out an "interactive" dance floor at The Special Event Show:

Here's Antonio, Kristina & Liz at a Hershey Park - we were on a Site Inspection, no, really:

Here's a great photo of Liz and Antonio:

A group shot - very intense:

An extreme close-up of Kristina and Kate:

We hope you've enjoyed our walk down memory lane. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for new team member photos!!!

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