Monday, April 19, 2010

Overheard at the WOW Gala...

Another successful (and record-breaking) fundraiser happened this past Saturday night, the DE HIV Consortium's WOW Gala . This event does a remarkable job raising awareness while having a spectacular time.

Many of our friends that attend are Gay and one special friend had this to say about another event he attended:

"I went to an event recently and there was a female stripper there and I just had to give her a $20 tip." (You're probably wondering like I was, why this Gay guy is tipping a straight female stripper.)

Wait for it....

He continued:

"We'll she had on the most spectacular shoes I had ever seen! They were gray snakeskin with a 6 inch chrome heel. I loved them!"

When I stopped laughing I had to tell him that was probably the gayest remark I ever heard and his reply was: "I know but I had to, they were great!"

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