Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Troll in the Closet

We all found this an adorable story, full of childhood innocence and compassion.

A friend was talking with another nurse acquaintance recently who told this story:

The nurse has a challenged son who is now 16 years old. A large kid for his age, he is now capable of being left on his own for short periods of time while his mother runs under 1/2 hour errands close by. Even so, she calls him frequently to check on him while she is out.

When she asked him during her first call how he was doing he replied: "I'm fine, I'm pushing cookies under my closet door to feed the Troll in my closet".
Now the Mom had never experienced any imaginary friends with her son before so she turned the car around quickly and went back home to check.

When she entered the room, sure enough her son was pushing cookies under his closet door. Asking her son to please stand aside, and fully expecting to see a small animal that had gotten in somehow, she opened her son's closet door.

Screaming and jumping back she discovered the "Troll" in the closet was a Small Person!

Apparently this man had stopped by as part of the Census taking process and when the son opened the door to him, the son was thrilled that he had a new friend and picked him up bodily and placed him in the closet and proceeded to feed him cookies under the door!

The census taker knew there was no harm meant and decided to wait patiently until Mom returned to "rescue" him. The two new friends parted- happily ever after.

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