Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Unique Bar & Bat Mitzvah Ideas

The Celebration Cake for your next social event can be the talk of the event! We offer custom creations designed with your theme, colors, hobbies and interests in mind.

Recently a client chose 5 different cakes that replicated her favorite Juicy Couture purse (pictured here), ballet dance shoes (with box), favorites DVD's, books, and gift wrapped presents. The cakes were made with her favorite cake flavors and fillings.

And don't forget Cupcake Cakes- these are the answer to serving the kids individually with very little waste. At a recent Bar Mitzvah our honored guest liked a tower of cupcakes in his favorite team colors that resembled a trophy when surrounded by candles (see picture).

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  1. Nice ideas!! Giving such gifts would really make them feel happy.