Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I love when this happens (lol); I received a phone call from a company claiming to be advising me of "mandatory posters" related to health care that I HAD to post, and of course, buy. Here's what I was told: "You MUST post HIPPA ($32,95); HEALTH CARE REFORM ($19.95); something called the PPAC Act ($44.95) or you are NOT IN COMPLIANCE."

My red flag went up as soon as pressure was applied. I responded that I would first check with my accountant, health care broker and possibly my lawyer.

So after doing the appropriate asking around, guess what I found?? Not only are the posters NOT mandatory, some of the information I got was that the pros in these fields have not heard of some of them and therefore the need for posting. And then this: these are available for printing, FREE, on line.

No kidding. And of course I just had to call back the person who called me to say, "nice try."

So be a part of my generation and QUESTION EVERYTHING. That philosophy can serve you well and always, always, stir the pot.


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