Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new...

We're cleaning out shop and making room for all of the fantastic new pieces we're adding to the PFI inventory. Check out the Planning Factory International Facebook Page for items, images and costs!

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The PFI Team Members LOVE to travel! We're always planning our "next big trip" and asking each other for suggestions on locations, restaurant recommendations, travel websites, etc.

Currently, my favorite travel websites are:





If you have any recommendations on excellent travel websites, please do let us know!

Planning Factory International

Monday, August 2, 2010

We're back!!!

The Planning Factory Team has been WILD this last month. Where did July go? We can't complain, as it's been an extremely busy summer, but it has taken us off-line from regular posts to the PFI Blog.

So... with that said - here's a brief recap of July 2010:

The first week of July blew in with a huge event in Bermuda - the Bacardi Limited Annual General Meeting. The program was fantastic and the venue selected was simply stunning. If you haven't yet stayed at Tucker's Point Hotel & Spa, please do check it out!

Upon our return, we executed two events, back to back, on the same day - one at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia (Global Fusion) and one in South Jersey (Motorsports - Babes Burning Rubber). Both events, although produced on a 100+ degree, were executed flawlessly with extremely happy clients.

Immediately following our July 17, 2010 craziness, two fantastic events for Today Media Inc. were upon us: the Best of Delaware Party and the Best of the Main Line Party. PFI worked closely with the Today Media team to produce upscale, chic lounges for both events, as well as providing logistical suggestions for the layout of the event, entertainment suggestions and color stories.

Finally, the month came to an end with a beautiful wedding held at the DuPont Country Club over the weekend. Splashes of Silver and Lavender graced the multiple tablescapes in the ballroom while the beautiful bride and groom danced the night away. Cheers!


Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for photo albums of all of the events outlined above. We really had a great time working on these events!