Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oh, fonts. How we love you. You fancy up a boring old paper like nobody else. You add personal flare to invitations and advertisements. If only we didn't have to choose between Times New Roman, Ariel, Verdana, and Courier, just like everyone else.

Oh, wait...

MyFonts has the word's largest collection of typefaces, all for your personal use. (For a small fee, of course!) Like fonts that imitate handwriting? Search that category. Prefer to see example text in Shakespeare quote? Done. Find a font somewhere, and what to know what it is? Upload an image and get an answer!

Even if you don't have specific design needs, their website is always fun to browse. Since it is Movember, our current favorite is Mr. Moustache.

Now, if only Blogger supported all these fun fonts...

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