Friday, January 27, 2012

Meet Kate!

Job title: Meetings & Experience Manager

Hometown: Rochester, NY

How she got involved with Planning Factory: "I read an article about Planning Factory in an (ah-hem) “oldish” edition of Delaware Today Magazine. I was immediately impressed and knew I wanted to work for that company! One thing led to another and I landed a summer internship and, well, the rest is history. Eight years later and I’m still here! (No longer the summer intern, thankfully!)"


- Cheese: Bulgarian Feta & Cambozola

- Drink: Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives

- TV Show: Glee

- Event Equipment: Microphones & Walkie Talkies. Any of the PFI team members can tell you that I’m completely obsessed!

- Catch Phrase: “Sorry about your luck, Chuck!”

Least Favorite:

- Scary PFI Office Pranks:

o That time my office was plastered with animal photos and it took weeks to find each and every last picture!;

o The Halloween prop in the bathroom; it gets me every time!

Best event / favorite Planning Factory memory: I loved being a part of the Live 8 Concert in Philadelphia back in 2005. Planning Factory had the opportunity to decorate the VIP tents for the entertainers/musicians. It was the best/craziest/longest few days in the scorching summer heat, but it was an absolutely incredible experience to have been a part of!

Thing you're most looking forward to about 2012: I’m looking forward to celebrating Planning Factory’s 30th Anniversary this year. You’ll have to stay tuned to see what we plan on doing to celebrate later this year!

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