Monday, March 19, 2012

Facebook and Work... Good or Bad?

Now for years, there's been a debate raging over social media use and its appropriateness at work. If you follow the PFI Facebook page, you know we're all over social media, twittering and posting links and pictures several times each day. Of course that's a work account... but if you look closely, you may see team members "liking" certain PFI / PFB status updates from their own accounts :-)

Well, that may no longer be the biggest issue any longer. Some prospective employers are now requesting Facebook log-in information if your personal profile isn't public. What do you think-- acceptable background check, or crossing a line?

As for us... we're staying out of this debate, for now. We don't care what information you choose to share with us-- we're going to share everything with you! Don't forget to check out our pages for updates on March Madness, recent events, and other exclusive tidbits...

Planning Factory International

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