Monday, April 9, 2012

Calling all Girly-Girls

Sephora is getting a makeover! A Digital Makeover, that is.

Starting today, Sephora is expanding its digital presence with iPads in stores, Pinterest "Pin it" buttons on its website, and expanded Instagram / Facebook / Tumblr / Twitter presence.

What are your thoughts on their digital expansion? Are they at the forefront of a new tech push, or is this something that they should have done a long time ago?

Are there any corporations / websites that you think are doing a great job of expanding the digital tech / social media movement?

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Big Event, Part 2

Did you guess it? We were at Desserts by Dana's Dream Wedding (Networking) Evening! Check out Chef Dana's blog for more details, or stop by and try some of The Sugar Daddy's awesome desserts! We're always thrilled to work with him :-)

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Big Event, Part 1

PFI has been working on a big event this week... any guesses as to what? Just a couple of teaser photos for you... there's always more on our Facebook page. Answers tomorrow!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Ok, ok, we admit... we're still a bit behind in the times... not all of us use iPhones. The PFI office is filled with BlackBerrys. (We blame the close geographic influence of D.C.!)

However, we're loving the Instagram craze that's going on right now. (If only they had a BlackBerry app!) Since a lot of people post to Twitter, we'd love to get some great Twitter accounts for us to follow. Any great Instagram / Twitter feeds we should know about?

Planning Factory International

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are you Square?

Has anyone used (or been to a vendor that uses) the Square card reader? We're thinking about using it because:
1. The iPad / iPhone app is free.
2. The Square reader is free (and has free shipping!).
3. The merchant fees (2.75%) are pretty standard.

We know a few vendors that use-- and love-- Square, but we're looking for feedback from the other end. Has anyone had any experience-- good OR bad-- with Square?

Planning Factory International

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hotel Tonight

Have we talked about Hotel Tonight before? We're totally in love with this app! It's available for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad). Need a last minute hotel room? They've got you covered! Decided to party too hard in New York? Stay overnight! Missed a flight? Stay overnight!

... or you could take the route totally recommended by a PFI staffer... plan an entire vacation minus the hotel rooms, and book through Hotel Tonight! (If she had done that, she would have saved $500 for a 4-day weekend.) Some deals are better than others... weeknights are better than weekends, and holidays are all expensive. Still, dying to try a boutique hotel (like Room Mate Grace)? This may be the way to do it!

Check it out... but be sure to let us know first! We both get free credits (aka money toward that boutique hotel) if we invite you. Anyone?

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